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A Full Suite of Services for Your Restaurant

Interchange Plus Pricing and Rate Guarantee – You will know the true cost of every card that comes through your business – all rates and fees are clearly identified on an easy to read statement. Heartland’s rates are guaranteed with no teasers that will creep up. No hidden fees. No middlemen. No surprises.

Local, Personal Consultation – An locally based Relationship Manager will meet with you personally to learn your business and present a solution custom tailored to your needs.

Fast Customer Care – Heartland’s Service Center is US based and Heartland customers get a real person on the phone right away who will not hang up until your question or problem is resolved.

Gift and Loyalty Programs – With our fully customizable gift card and rewards/loyalty programs, you can increase the amount of customers coming in while reducing the amount of payment fees going out.

Lending Services - Heartland Lending Services offers restaurant operators fairer and faster access to capital—so you can get the funding you need, at the terms you want.

Wait List/Reservations Management - Freshtxt is a robust restaurant app that allows you to manage wait lists, reservations and seating from a computer, smartphone or tablet—and so much more. And unlike most apps on the market, it comes with unlimited 24/7 U.S.-based toll-free phone support.

Online/Mobile Ordering - Stop manning the phones! Spend time with your guests instead. Existing restaurants are saving $1-$4 per order by switching to online and mobile ordering. Your current guests are already looking online for your menu, directions and locations – give them the ability to place online orders too!

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